CICD with Jenkins and HP ALM / Quality Center – Part 1

In many organizations, Jenkins is used to build software, run unit tests, and run various kinds of testing frameworks. Example: Selenium, JUnit, Pytest, TestNG, Visual Studio Test, etc. These test metrics are very important and should be reflected in HP ALM / Quality Center to show the true health of any project. Bumblebee plugin for Jenkins allows users to integrate any testing framework with HP ALM / Quality Center without making any code changes or writing custom tools. In addition, the plugin allows you to run HP ALM tests directly from Jenkins. Many engineering organizations around the world use Bumblebee and Jenkins to achieve CICD. In these series of posts we will cover 3 main topics

  1. Exporting testing results from Jenkins to HP ALM
  2. Running HP ALM Functional tests (UFT, LeanFT, etc) from Jenkins
  3. Running HP Performance Center tests from Jenkins

1. Exporting testing results from Jenkins to HP ALM:
Integrating Jenkins with HP ALM is super simple by using Bumblebee’s plugin for Jenkins. Bumblebee’s Jenkins plugin allows you to Export test results to HP ALM and automatically create TestPlan, TestLabs, TestsSets, and TestRuns. This is extremely useful for running tests directly in Jenkins and automatically these test results in HP ALM.

Bumblebee Jenkins plugin can be installed via the Jenkins update center

Configure the Jenkins plugin global settings Manage Jenkins → Manage Jenkins → Configure System

Save Configuration to save your changes. Saving may take a few seconds because the Bumblebee plugin will validate the configuration before saving.

Bumblebee’s Jenkins plugin allows automatic export of Jenkins build’s test results to HP ALM. Bumblebee supports a variety of test results formats like JUnit, NUnit, testNG, Fitnesse, and Cucumber. To enable this feature, configure the Jenkins job and add Bumblebee HP ALM Uploader post-build step. In this step, configure a few fields and specify the results that need to be published.

Once the job is configured, simply build the job. The build console will show the Bumblebee Jenkins plugin to Bumblebee REST API activity. This output is quite useful for troubleshooting.

All the results will be processed by Bumblebee server and corresponding TestPlan, TestLab, Testset, and TestRun will be created automatically.


Bumblebee is very flexible and simple to setup. For a detailed step by step guide, please check out the latest Bumblebee docs


I am the founder of Agiletestware. I have been working as a Quality Engineering engineer, manager, architect, and consultant for about 10+ years in Los Angeles, and San Francisco. I have worked with a variety of test frameworks, test infrastructure automation strategies and tools, and various ALM and test case management applications. If you need advice on how to make your teams and processes efficient, transparent, and how best to integrate testing into your CICD strategy, shoot me an email and I would love to chat.

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