CICD with Jenkins and HP ALM / Quality Center – Part 2

If you are using HP ALM, chances are that there are significant amount of tests stored in ALM using a variety of HP Tools like UFT, LeanFT, etc. Instead of running HP tests via HP ALM and everything else via Jenkins and then trying to figure out what is failing in Jenkins vs. HP ALM, you can control everything via Jenkins while keeping things as in in HP ALM.

In this post, we will explain you can use Bumblebee Jenkins plugin to run existing HP Functional tests in ALM via Jenkins. The tests results will appear in both HP ALM and Jenkins.

Part 2: Running HP ALM Functional tests (UFT, LeanFT, etc) from Jenkins

To run ALM Testset from Jenkins, add Bumblebee HP ALM Test Set Runnerbuild step to the Jenkins job configuration

When Jenkins build is executed, the Bumblebee HP ALM Test Set Runner step connects to HP ALM server and runs the specified ALM Testsets. The build waits till the test runs is completed in HP ALM.

Example: Jenkins build console

Once the build is complete, Bumblebee HP ALM Test Set Runner transforms the HP ALM test results in a JUnit report compliant schema so that it can be published within Jenkins, using the standard Publish JUnit test result report post-build step.


I am the founder of Agiletestware. I have been working as a Quality Engineering engineer, manager, architect, and consultant for about 10+ years in Los Angeles, and San Francisco. I have worked with a variety of test frameworks, test infrastructure automation strategies and tools, and various ALM and test case management applications. If you need advice on how to make your teams and processes efficient, transparent, and how best to integrate testing into your CICD strategy, shoot me an email and I would love to chat.

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