Some of our customers use HP Performance Center for load/stress testing. Instead of running performance at the end of the release and finding critical issues, these customers run HP Performance Center tests as a regular part of the development process via Jenkins. Bumblebee’s Jenkins plugin allows organizations to schedule, run, and report HP Performance Center tests and implement their desired CICD vision.

In this post, we will explain you can use Bumblebee Jenkins plugin to run HP Performance Center tests.

Part 3: Running HP Performance Center tests from Jenkins

To configure a Jenkins job to run HP Performance Center tests, add the Bumblebee HP PC Test Runner build step.

HP Performance Center produces test reports that can be published inside Jenkins builds. Bumblebee HP PC Test Runner task automatically downloads these reports from the HP Performance Center server and copies them to the specified Results Directory.

To publish these reports inside Jenkins, add the Archive Artifacts post-build step to job configuration and define appropriate values for Files to Archive

When the Jenkins job is triggered it starts a new run in HP Performance Center for the test specified by Path To Test and Test Set properties of the task. Once the HP PC test has started, Bumblebee HP PC Task waits for it to finish and checks the run’s possible Run States from time to time.

If a test has failed, Bumblebee marks the build as passed or failed based on the Fail Build If Task Fails job configuration property. If true, the build is marked as FAILED and build is aborted. If false, Bumblebee simply proceeds with the next test.

If an error occurs during fetching runs status from PC, Bumblebee will retry failed action according to the retry settings defined for a task.

Sample execution log:


I am the founder of Agiletestware. I have been working as a Quality Engineering engineer, manager, architect, and consultant for about 10+ years in Los Angeles, and San Francisco. I have worked with a variety of test frameworks, test infrastructure automation strategies and tools, and various ALM and test case management applications. If you need advice on how to make your teams and processes efficient, transparent, and how best to integrate testing into your CICD strategy, shoot me an email and I would love to chat.

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