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ReadyAPI + TestRail ? Yes you can !


2016 was a great year for Agiletestware. We added record number of customers, implemented various new features in our products and thought about new ways to bring productivity to engineering teams around the world.

Many visitors to our website, who are using ReadyAPI, wanted to see if we can create a product similar to Dragonfly (ReadyAPI + HP ALM integration solution) that would integrate ReadyAPI with Gurock TestRail (test case management). Some of our team members had experience with TestRail and we think that TestRail is definitely a world class modern test case management system. Because we understood TestRail use cases very well, it made perfect sense for us to create a new product for integrating ReadyAPI and TestRail.

We are pleased to announce our newest product – Firefly. Firefly has been built from the ground up, using the same design principles as Dragonfly. Firefly has a big focus on usability, flexibility, and speed. Use Firefly to easily integrate ReadyAPI and TestRail with simple configs. Export ReadyAPI tests and tests results into TestRail with a simple action. Significantly boost engineering productivity by removing any manual uploading of test results. Watch real-time updates into TestRail as you run ReadyAPI tests interactively or via some CI system like Jenkins, Bamboo, or Teamcity.

Come try Firefly free for 14 days and see how you too can get the most from you ReadyAPI and TestRail setup.