Codeless Integration with Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity

Bumblebee is a plugin for Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity that allows you to easily integrate all testing activities with HP ALM without having to write a single line of code

  • Simple standard plugin/addon setup and configuration
  • Support test frameworks like Junit, TestNG, x-unit, Cucumber and many more
  • Easily reflect unit testing and non-HP tools and framework results in HP ALM
Bumblebee Jenkins Bamboo TeamCity HP ALM
Bumblebee Bamboo Jenkins TeamCity

Run HP ALM TestSet From Jenkins, Bamboo, Teamcity

Create jobs/plans in your CI systems to run Tests directly in HP ALM and report results back in both ALM and the CI systems

  • Use proper end to end CI pipelines even if you have tests in HP ALM
  • Schedule and run HP ALM TestSets from within Jenkins, Bamboo, or TeamCity
  • View HP ALM tests results directly in your CI systems native results viewer

Web testing using Selenium Webdriver and HP ALM

Bumblebee's TestNG and JUnit listeners can automatically detect your tests and automatically create TestPlan, TestLab, TestRuns in HP ALM

  • Write Selenium Webdriver tests directly in JAVA using TestNG or JUnit
  • Use Bumblebee's annotations to automatically integrate tests with HP ALM
  • Map Webdriver tests to Requirements and to existing tests in HP ALM
  • Easily create hybrid setups using HP ALM and open-source testing tools
  • Save tools licensing costs by easily moving away from QTP, UFT, and LeanFT
Selenium WebDriver HP ALM
hp alm saucelabs browserstack docker

Cross Browser Testing using SauceLabs or Browserstack

Use Bumblebee with SauceLabs or Browserstack and your favorite test framework to do Cross Browser testing and see test results in HP ALM

  • Bumblebee uses SauceLabs and Browserstack API to easily extract test session metadata to HP ALM
  • Use SauceLabs/Browserstack + Bumblebee with TestNG or JUnit and automatically view results in HP ALM
  • Read our blogs to discover cool new ways to automate website and mobile testing using SauceLabs and Browserstack

Mobile testing using Appium and HP ALM

Bumblebee's TestNG and JUnit Appium solutions allows you to use the best mobile testing framework in the industry

  • Write Appium tests directly in JAVA using TestNG or JUnit
  • Use Bumblebee's annotations to automatically integrate tests with HP ALM
  • Map tests to Requirements module, and existing Testplan Tests in HP ALM
  • Easily create hybrid setups using HP ALM and open-source testing tools
  • Save tools licensing costs by easily moving away HP Mobile Center
Appium HP ALM
HP ALM Requirements mapping

Bumblebee JAVA SDK and REST API

Bumblebee simple and powerful REST API and JAVA SDK allows you to create powerful HP ALM integration for your custom tools or workflows

  • Integrate any tools or process with any version of HP ALM using REST
  • Highly scalable and capable of processing tests results even if ALM if down
  • Bumblebee SDK is actually used by various commercial testing tool companies

HP ALM Compatibility

Bumblebee works with all version of HP ALM and even older releases such as Quality Center. Yes, we love the old stuff :)

  • Bumblebee is compatible with HP ALM SAAS, 12, 11, and 10
  • Bumblebee is certified in our compatibility labs before every release
  • Bumblebee is validated against all major and minor ALM releases
HP ALM Compatibility
Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Bumblebee was designed from the ground up by listening directly to our customer's use cases. There is no HP ALM workflow that cannot be implemented with Bumblebee

  • Maps existing HP ALM tests to TestNG, JUnit, Selenium, Appium tests
  • Easily configure HP ALM custom fields values on the Bumblebee server
  • Map TestNG, JUnit tests to Requirements module in HP ALM
  • Run tests from your IDE or from your any CI system like Jenkins and Bamboo

Kickass Basic and Enterprise Support plans

We stand by our product quality and features. Find out why our support team is one of the best in class

  • Bumblebee include free email support for the duration of the license.
  • For customers with critical needs, we also offer Enterprise Support package
  • Free Enterprise Support during evaluation period without any sales pressure
Kickass Basic and Enterprise Support plans
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We truly believe that we have the best platform for integrating various workflows with HP ALM. Try Bumblebee free for 14 days with free access to our Enterprise Support

  • No credit card required for evaluation.
  • Unlimited GoToMeeting sessions till your are fully satisfied
  • No sales calls or pressure, ever

Release notes

New Features:
  • [BUM-73] - Secure Bumblebee Server configuration pages
  • [BUM-100] - Add NuGet package to support integration with .NET and NUnit
  • [BUM-153] - New UrbanCode Bumblebee plugin
  • [BUM-165] - Add /test_results API method for fetching test results from HP ALM
  • [BUM-178] - Mappings can be added for all servers/domains/projects
  • [BUM-180] - Improve info message on mapping save
  • [BUM-187] - Support protractor-jasmine reports
  • [BUM-192] - HTTP error 411 on trying to restart late analyze in Performance Centers
New Features:
  • [BUM-159] - Jenkins Plugin: Pull test results from HP ALM
  • [BUM-164] - Bamboo Plugin: Add retry logic in case if collate or analyze phases failed
  • [BUM-172] - Provide mappings to set values to test step user fields
  • [BUM-167] - Improve error messages in case if field mappings are not correct or not provided
  • [BUM-91] - Improve logging in CI Plugins
  • [BUM-171] - Proxy settings page does not display proxy port if it is greater than 999
  • [BUM-173] - Trim names and values of parameters listed in "Custom Properties" property
  • [BUM-154] - Fix memory leak causing java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
New Features:
  • [BUM-149] - CI Plugins: TestNG: add parameters for data driven tests into actual field in HP ALM
  • [BUM-143] - Jenkins: Fix bulk update logging
  • [BUM-146] - CI Plugins: NullPointerException occurs sometimes during uploading TestNG results
  • [BUM-148] - CI Plugins: Incorrect status of a test instance for data driven tests
  • [BUM-150] - TeamCity: UnsupportedOperationException in emulation mode
New Features:
  • [BUM-141] - CI Plugins: Adding tests to test set step: Create HP ALM TestSet automatically if it does not exist
  • [BUM-142] - CI Plugins: Upload TestNG reports: Do not create tests for config methods (marked with @BeforeClass, @BeforeTest, etc... annotations)
New Features:
  • [BUM-78] - Annotations: Add Sauce Labs support
  • [BUM-82] - Annotations: Add BrowserStack support
  • [BUM-134] - Annotations: Selenium WebDriver tests - adding screenshots for failed tests automatically
  • [BUM-137] - Adjust value in Actual field of a test step
  • [BUM-139] - CI Plugins: Add "Bumblebee: Add test to set" step for adding tests to test set in HP ALM
  • [BUM-138] - Run attachments have incorrect name
New Features:
  • [BUM-79] - Annotations: Map tests to ALM requirements
  • [BUM-70] - Annotations: Maps test methods to test steps in HP ALM
  • [BUM-102] - CI Plugins: Running local UFT tests
  • [BUM-107] - CI Plugins: Running Performance Center tests
  • [BUM-92] - Show Bumblebee version on the main page
  • [BUM-118] - Installer: let user have empty password
  • [BUM-86] - VBScript shall not be overwritten if "executable" parameter is empty
  • [BUM-87] - Do not set VBScript for bulk update and extended update
  • [BUM-97] - Improve look of web pages
  • [BUM-71] - Bumblebee crashes sometimes when several threads update the same project
  • [BUM-76] - Offline queue page: incorrect sorting when documents have different types
  • [BUM-109] - CI Plugins: Fix test duration in JUnit report
  • [BUM-85] - Test in a TestPlan is updated even if it does not any changes
  • [BUM-94] - alm method: NPE when attachment element does not have fileName
  • [BUM-95] - If passed model has less steps than test in hp alm update is not triggered
  • [BUM-101] - Offline processing queue and offline document pages are not opened in IE because of wrong content type header
  • [BUM-106] - TeamCity: Global settings are not refreshed until restart of a server
  • [BUM-108] - Offline processing: it sometimes does not show error when error actually occurs
  • [BUM-111] - Offline processing page: incorrect sorting
  • [BUM-112] - /alm method: Do not update test instance's step 'description' and 'expected' values if preserveSteps=true
New Features:
  • [BUM-72] - Annotations: Add offline processing parameter
  • [BUM-74] - Automatic handling of Fast Runs
  • [BUM-75] - java.lang.IllegalStateException after some time
  • [BUM-63] - Annotations: NullPointerException if testplan is not set
New Features:
  • [BUM-61] - Add proxy server support to bumblebee server and Jenkins Plugin
  • [BUM-62] - Bumblebee.exe is not compatible with some .NET framework versions
  • [BUM-58] - Installer does not delete lib folder before installing new version
New Features:
  • [BUM-26] - message queues for faster and reliable processing
  • [BUM-43] - Jenkins, Teamcity, Bamboo plugin - add build step for running tests in a testset
New Features:
  • [BUM-27] - java annotation package for bumblebee
  • [BUM-52] - Bumblebee new API /alm
  • [BUM-53] - TestNG Support
  • [BUM-56] - Add support of .trx format
  • [BUM-57] - Add support of cucumber format
  • [BUM-5] - Bamboo plugin
  • [BUM-6] - TeamCity plugin