How many licenses do I need?

For organization with 5 or less users/machines and processing less than 500 tests/day, you can purchase the Bumblebee Basic License. The Basic license is great for small organizations. For large organization with large number of users and test processing needs, we recommend Bumblebee Enterprise. Bumblebee Enterprise has no restrictiosn on the number of users or test processing. Please contact us to get a quote about your organization.

What versions of HP ALM is Bumblebee compatible with?

Bumblebee works with all versions of HP ALM. This means HP ALM 10, 11, 12, ans ALM SAAS

How can I place an order?

We offer a variety of ways to place an order. The simplest and fastest way to order directly via our secure website. You can also order pay via check or wire transfer by sending over a purchase order to us via the contact us page.

I need a quote. How can I get one?

Simply click on the Quote button and fill out the form. Our sales team will send you a quote right away.

I registered online and I still haven't received my license. Where is my evaluation license?

It takes about 24 hours for our team to send an evaluation license and a welcome email. Please make sure you have registered using your corporate email address.