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POST /updateqc

updateqc API can be used to create a testplan directory, testcase, testlab directory, testset, and testruns in a single API call. The API also supports attachments. This API is typically used for integrating various test frameworks like Selenium, JUnit, TestNG, VSTest, etc.


HTTP POST http://hostname[:port]/bumblebee/updateqc


Name Description Required
url URL for HP ALM, must end with "qcbin", e.g. http://almserver:8080/qcbin Yes
user User name for HP ALM Yes
encrypted_password Encrypted password for the user. This is obtained from the /password API Yes
domain Domain for HP ALM project Yes
project Project name in HP ALM Yes
mode Always set to FULL Yes
testname Name of the test that will be created or updated in ALM Yes
testplandirectory TestPlan directory in HP ALM for storing the tests. This path will be created automatically if it does not exist. Must start with "Subject\" Yes
testlabdirectory TestLab directory in HP ALM for storing the tests results. This path will be created automatically if it does not exist. Must start with "Root\" Yes
testset TestSet in HP ALM for storing tests runs. This will be created,automatically if it does not exist. Bumblebee will also add tests from, TestPlan to TestSet. Yes
message Used for adding a message in the 'actual' field in step details in ALM runs. No
status Status value for the testcase. Possible values are PASSED, FAILED, NOT COMPLETED, N/A Yes
qcid If specified, testname parameter will be ignored. Use this parameter to,update existing tests in ALM. Bumblebee will find the qcid in the specified TestLab/TestSet and update the test and design steps based on,status. No
overwrite_runs If true, Bumblebee will only show the latest run for a test case. This is useful when you have a large number of runs and don't really care,about the history. Default - false. No
mappings If ALM mapping are configured, you can specify them as name value pairs No


POST http://localhost:8080/bumblebee/updateqc?url=http%3A%2F%2Falmserver%3A8080%2Fqcbin&user=qcuser&encrypted_password=fd4OMOXLJjkMR6e64RJh3Q%3D%3D&domain=DEFAULT&project=demo&testplandirectory=Subject%5CTestPlan01&testname=testname_01&mode=FULL&testset=TestSet01&testlabdirectory=Root%5CTestLab01&message=some%20failure%20message%20for%20test&status=Failed&overwrite_runs=true HTTP/1.1
Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate
Content-Type: multipart/form-data

Result Format


Passing attachments in request

The updateqc API supports attachments. If the request contains attachments (logs, screenshots, etc), they will be attached to the test run in HP ALM