Configure ALM Mappings

In many HP ALM projects, ALM administrators define custom user fields in project entities such as Test, TestSets, Test Runs, etc. In such a setup, your ALM tests may expose optional and/or mandatory customer fields

alm user fields

Bumblebee makes it super easy to configure custom user fields using the web based configuration page. Simply go to the configure alm mappings. http://[bumblebee server]:port/bumblebee/mappings page

bumblebee config

Once you are on this page, modify the XML by specifying your ALM project's relevant custom user field mappings and save the mapping. Here is a sample XML mappings for our ALM server

<!-- Mappings file. -->
    <!-- URL of your ALM server -->
    <url url="">
        <!-- ALM domain name -->
        <domain name="DEFAULT">
            <!-- ALM project name -->
            <project name="test_project">
                <!-- mappings for Test -->
                <!-- alm_field - actual name of field in ALM -->
                <!-- label - name of HTTP request query param which value should be mapped into alm_field -->
                <!-- default_value - default value will be used if no HTTP request query parameter was passed.-->
                <!-- Delete it if no default value is needed -->
                <mapping alm_field="TS_USER_01" default_value="value" label="test user 1"/>
                <!-- mappings for TestSet -->
                <mapping alm_field="CY_USER_01" default_value="" label="test set user 1"/>
                <!-- mappings for Run -->
                <mapping alm_field="RN_USER_01" label="run user 1"/>

Required Custom Fields

If your ALM project has mandatory custom fields, they must be specified in the XML. Not mapping mandatory fields will cause failtures because HP ALM enforces validaton of these values.

alm_field and label value can be obtained from your ALM project admin by going to Customize → Project Entities → [entity type] → User Fields

alm user config