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Server Installation


  • HP ALM 10, 11, 12, or SAAS
  • Windows OS
  • Install HP Quality Center Connectivity Add-in from ALM management tools. Typically http://<alm url>:8080/qcbin/addins.html

alm client

Start Installation

Download and run the installer bumblebee installer

Accept the EULA

bumblebee eula

Specify the license file that was sent via email.

bumblebee license

Specify installation directory

bumblebee directory

Specify some available port

bumblebee port

bumblebee progress

Specify the connection details for the ALM server. The Bumblebee server will perform a few tests to make sure that the setup is correct.

bumblebee diag

During these tests, Bumblebee installer will create testplan, testcase, testlab, testset, testrun. You can delete them after the diagnostics are done.

bumblebee validation

The installer should show all green check marks if there were no issues.

bumblebee finish

The Bumblebee URL takes you to the admin page, where you can configure custom properties, view logs, view and update license, and view your encrypted password

bumblebee console

Bumblebee Web Portal

bumblebee web


Some ALM projects may have permission issues or have required custom user fields. In such situations, the diags may fail and you will need to do additional configuration to account for your ALM project. Example:

bumblebee fail

If the diagnostics fail due to missing required custom properties error, please follow the guideline on the configure ALM mappings