One Click Sync

Say goodbye to manual exporting of test cases and test results into HP ALM TestPlan. No more writing complicated and hard to maintain VBScripts and Excel macros

  • Export projects, test suites, or test cases into HP ALM TestPlan
  • Single-Click action for exporting tests in HP ALM Testplan
  • Export test cases, descriptions, test steps, assertions, and much more.
  • Super fast exports using HP ALM's native API
One Click Sync
Realtime Updates

Real-time Updates

Automatically send all test results in ReadyAPI to HP ALM in real-time without you having to lift a finger.

  • Dragonfly automatically captures test case status, test steps details, groovy logs, and much more
  • Information from ReadyAPI is processed and sent to HP ALM at the end of each testcase run.
  • View test results update status in ReadyAPI logs

Requirements and TestCase Mapping

Dragonfly allows you to map ReadyAPI tests to existing tests in HP ALM and also map to existing Requirements. This mapping allows you to view live requirements coverage in HP ALM

  • Map ReadyAPI test cases and test suites to Requirements in HP ALM
  • Map ReadyAPI test cases to existing test cases in HP ALM Test Plan
  • View requirements coverage reports in HP ALM for all mapped tests in ReadyAPI
dragonfly requirements mapping hp alm

Multi Mode Test Execution

Dragonfly's flexible runtime engine enables to you run your tests directly in ReadyAPI application or invoke them via command line inside of HP ALM TestSet

  • Run test cases directly in ReadyAPI UI or ReadyAPI testrunner
  • Run test cases directly in HP ALM TestLab using your test hosts
  • Dragonfly automatically creates test cases in HP ALM with appropriate vbscript
readyapi multi mode test execution with hp alm
ReadyAPI Compatibility

ReadyAPI Compatibility

Dragonfly is a Smartbear partner and works closely with the Smartbear team to validate compatibility of all releases

  • Dragonfly is compatible with all versions for ReadyAPI
  • Dragonfly is compatible with all version of SoapUI
  • Dragonfly even works with open-source versions of SoapUI
  • Dragonfly will always be forward and backwards compatible

HP ALM Compatibility

Dragonfly works with all version of HP ALM and even older releases such as Quality Center. Yes, we love old stuff :)

  • Dragonfly is compatible with HP ALM SAAS, 12, 11, and 10
  • Dragonfly is certified in our compatibility labs before every release
  • Dragonfly is validated against all major and minor ALM releases
HP ALM Compatibility
Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Dragonfly was designed from the group up by listening directly to our customer's use cases. There is no HP ALM workflow that cannot be implemented with Dragonfly

  • Maps existing HP ALM tests to ReadyAPI Tests
  • Specify HP ALM custom fields values in ReadyAPI using Dragonfly wizard
  • Easily specify HP ALM connection, project, and export settings
  • Import project specification from HP ALM into ReadyAPI

Custom Fields Wizard

Dragonfly has extensive support for HP ALM custom field mapping. Our simple yet powerful wizard makes configuration a breeze

  • Map custom fields in HP ALM test cases to ReadyAPI test cases
  • Map custom fields in HP ALM test sets and test runs
  • Use Dragonflys's powerful custom field configuration wizard to easily configure all tests with a few clicks
Custom Fields Wizard
Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity Support

Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity Support

Automatic ReadyAPI tests results export if ReadyAPI is being run via Jenkins, Bamboo, or TeamCity

  • Dragonfly is automatically enabled and invoked when running ReadyAPI via commandline
  • Run ReadyAPI via any CI system like Jenkins, Bamboo, and Bamboo and automatically export test results
  • Run ReadyAPI tests via ReadyAPI Maven Plugin using your CI system and view test results in HP ALM

Over 200 Satisfied Customers and Growing

Dragonfly is the only ReadyAPI plugin in the market that provides deep HP ALM and ReadyAPI integration. Our growing number of customers is a sign of our success. Our products are directly driven by customer feedback.

  • Over 200+ customers include various fortune 100 companies
  • Market leader in HP ALM and ReadyAPI integration for over 7 years
  • 95 percent of our customers renew their licenses at the end of the year
Over 200 Satisfied Customers and Growing
Kickass Basic and Enterprise Support plans

Kickass Basic and Enterprise Support plans

We stand by our product quality and features. Find out why our support team is one of the best in class

  • Dragonfly include free email support for the duration of the license.
  • For customers with critical needs, we also offer Enterprise Support package
  • Free Enterprise Support during evaluation period without any sales pressure

SmartBear Partner

Agiletestware is a proud Smartbear partner. We use ReadyAPI internally for our own testing and are always looking for ways to improve the production and its integration with HP ALM

  • Early access to ReadyAPI builds and hot fixes
  • We ensure that any new ReadyAPI and HP ALM release does not break Dragonfly
  • Access to resources from Smartbear help advocate for our customers
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We truly believe that we have the best ReadyAPI and HP ALM integration solution in the market. Try Dragonfly free for 14 days with free access to our Enterprise Support

  • No credit card required for evaluation.
  • Unlimited GoToMeeting sessions till your are fully satisfied
  • No sales calls or pressure, ever

What Our's Clients Says

"We started using Dragonfly from Agiletestware since 2013 and it's been a great tool to export SoapUI/ReadyAPI tests results to HP-ALM Quality Center. But more important is their customer support that goes above and beyond to provide a flawless service and tool integration."

Sebastian Schrader

Interval International

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  • STEP 1

    Register with Agiletestware to obtain a two week evaluation license for dragonfly. Access to full support and all features during the evaluation period.

  • STEP 2A

    Download dragonfly ver 6.1.0 for ReadyAPI

  • STEP 2B

    Download dragonfly ver 6.1.0 for ReadyAPI 1.3, SoapUI Pro 5.12 or higher, and SoapUI 5.2

  • STEP 2C

    Download dragonfly ver 5.5.0 for older discontinued versions of SoapUI like SoapUI 4.5, 5.0, 5.1

  • STEP 3

    Install the plugin by double clicking on the downloaded exe file.

Release notes

  • [DRAG-161] - NullPointerException occurrs during export of results for SOAP steps, under some circumstances
New Features:
  • [DRAG-122] - Signed installers
  • [DRAG-153] - Do not focus on "Dragonfly" log tab when exporting test results
  • [DRAG-157] - Test is added to an arbitrary requirement if QC_Req_Recursive is set to true
  • [DRAG-159] - HTTP response, containing PDF file, may break exporting results to HP ALM
New Features:
  • [DRAG-148] - Mapping ReadyAPI test to HP ALM Requirements
  • [DRAG-148] - Mapping of ReadyAPI tests to existing tests in HP ALM
  • [DRAG-146] - Automatic handling of Fast Runs in HP ALM
  • [DRAG-144] - Check testplan when updating testcase with non-empty qc_id
  • [DRAG-150] - hp alm version control can create duplicate runs
  • [DRAG-149] - java.lang.illegalStateExcpetion after long running session
New Features:
  • [DRAG-16] - provide option 'override_test_runs' in project level
  • [DRAG-103] - Modifying a saved custom property creates a new test case property
New Features:
  • [DRAG-16] - provide option 'override_test_runs' in project level
  • [DRAG-66] - export return values from teststep of type: testcase
  • [DRAG-77] - automatically focus on dragonfly log tab
  • [DRAG-82] - Support for reading properties from environments
  • [DRAG-89] - capture full REST request query in testlab
  • [DRAG-93] - Custom Property Wizard clone
  • [DRAG-95] - Update testcase name only if QC_ID is found
  • [DRAG-102] - ALM Custom Property Configurationwizard
  • [DRAG-106] -  Report back properties steps values in ALM
  • [DRAG-116] - When using paths in project properties, check for trailing “\†when combining properties.
  • [DRAG-124] - Attach groovy log to the test step in ALM
  • [DRAG-125] - Check Discard OK results and Max Results properties in test case settings and raise warning
  • [DRAG-126] - Change request/response attachment to .txt and use .xml where it is really XML
  • [DRAG-130] - Update run duration in HP ALM
  • [DRAG-138] - Change custom properties dialog
  • [DRAG-127] - Detect type of request/response and append appropriate file extensions
  • [DRAG-128] - import/export project mapping configuration
  • [DRAG-103] - Modifying a saved custom property creates a new test case property
  • [DRAG-129] - Populating of dragonfly properties does not work when environments are used
  • [DRAG-132] - When user had blank password it over written by the dummy one on project load
  • [DRAG-133] - Run from HP ALM: when dragonfly failed to launch the status is Passed
  • [DRAG-134] - Dragonfly does not work if user profile name has spaces
  • [DRAG-135] - Value of QC_soapUI_ARGS is not exported to VB script
  • [DRAG-136] - Error messages is not displayed when REST/SOAP/HTTP call failed with error
  • [DRAG-137] - Custom Properties: Value for existing properties are cleared when user defines empty default value and save configuration
  • [DRAG-140] - NPE during exporting test results if project does not have mapped custom field
New Features:
  • [DRAG-85] - New license manager
  • [DRAG-88] - Dragonfly support for attachments in request steps
  • [DRAG-90] - Improve auto save feature
  • [DRAG-92] - Store results of several runs and bulk export them into ALM
  • [DRAG-97] - Easy navigation to open dragonfly logs
  • [DRAG-100] - Code Sign Jars from Smartbear
  • [DRAG-104] - Clear bulk results
  • [DRAG-109] - Dragonfly should delete only fast runs and do not throw exception if deletion fails
  • [DRAG-112] - Capture Headers in request and response attachments
  • [DRAG-119] - Add exporting of groovy script failure message to ALM
  • [DRAG-90] - Improve auto save feature
  • [DRAG-79] - Improved error handling when having more than one license files
  • [DRAG-34] - Dragonfly: Problems with encoding in response XML.
  • [DRAG-79] - Improved error handling when having more than one license files
  • [DRAG-68] - Non-ascii symbols are stored incorrectly in ALM
  • [DRAG-114] - Change assertion status from VALID to PASSED
  • [DRAG-113] - Capture test run expected, actual and description