One Click Sync

Say goodbye to manual exporting of test cases and test results into TestRail. No more writing complicated and hard to maintain integration code.

  • Export projects, test suites, or test cases into TestRail test suites.
  • Single-Click action for exporting tests in TestRail test suites.
  • Export test cases, descriptions, test steps, assertions, and much more.
  • Super fast exports using TestRail's REST API
One Click Sync
Realtime Updates

Real-time Updates

Automatically send all test results in ReadyAPI to TestRail in real-time without you having to lift a finger.

  • Firefly automatically captures test case status, test steps details, groovy logs, and much more
  • Information from ReadyAPI is processed and sent to TestRail at the end of each testcase run.
  • View test results update status in ReadyAPI logs

TestCase Mapping

Firefly allows you to map ReadyAPI tests to existing tests in TestRail. This allows test analysts and automation engineers to work together as a team.

  • Map ReadyAPI test cases to existing test cases in TestRail test suites
  • Flexibilty of specifying test suites, sections, and sub-sections.
dragonfly requirements mapping hp alm
Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Firefly was designed from the group up by listening directly to our customer's use cases. There is no TestRail workflow that cannot be implemented with Firefly

  • Maps existing TestRail tests to ReadyAPI Tests
  • Specify TestRail custom fields values in ReadyAPI using Firefly wizard
  • Easily specify TestRail connection, project, and export settings

Custom Fields Wizard

Firefly has extensive support for TestRail custom field mapping. Our simple yet powerful wizard makes configuration a breeze

  • Map custom fields in TestRail test cases to ReadyAPI test cases
  • Use Fireflys's powerful custom field configuration wizard to easily configure all tests with a few clicks
Custom Fields Wizard
Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity Support

Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity Support

Automatic ReadyAPI tests results export if ReadyAPI is being run via Jenkins, Bamboo, or TeamCity

  • Firefly is automatically enabled and invoked when running ReadyAPI via commandline
  • Run ReadyAPI via any CI system like Jenkins, Bamboo, and Bamboo and automatically export test results
  • Run ReadyAPI tests via ReadyAPI Maven Plugin using your CI system and view test results in TestRail

Over 200 Satisfied Customers and Growing

has been helping development and QA teams for over 7 years and is an expert in systems and tools integration. Our growing number of customers is a sign of our success. Our products are directly driven by customer feedback.

  • Over 200+ customers include various fortune 100 companies
  • Market leader in HP ALM, TestRail, and ReadyAPI integration for over 7 years
  • 95 percent of our customers renew their licenses at the end of the year
Over 200 Satisfied Customers and Growing
Kickass Basic and Enterprise Support plans

Kickass Basic and Enterprise Support plans

We stand by our product quality and features. Find out why our support team is one of the best in class

  • Firefly includes free email support for the duration of the license.
  • For customers with critical needs, we also offer Enterprise Support package
  • Free Enterprise Support during evaluation period without any sales pressure

SmartBear Partner

Agiletestware is a proud Smartbear partner. We use ReadyAPI internally for our own testing and are always looking for ways to improve the production and its integration with TestRail

  • Early access to ReadyAPI builds and hot fixes
  • We ensure that any new ReadyAPI and TestRail releases don't break Firefly
  • Access to resources from Smartbear to help advocate for our customers
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We truly believe that we have the best and only ReadyAPI and TestRail integration solution in the market. Try Firefly free for 14 days with free access to our Enterprise Support

  • No credit card required for evaluation.
  • Unlimited GoToMeeting sessions till your are fully satisfied
  • No sales calls or pressure, ever
  • STEP 1

    Register with Agiletestware to obtain a two week evaluation license for Firefly. Access to full support and all features during the evaluation period.

  • STEP 2A

    Download firefly ver 2.0.4 for ReadyAPI

  • STEP 3

    Install the plugin by double clicking on the downloaded exe file.

Release notes

Maintenance release
  • Do not inject Firefly-related properties, add "Firefly: (Un)initialize project" menu item instead
  • Automatically remove trailing slash from TR_URL
  • Allow non-default base URL for TestRail URL
Maintenance release
  • Trust to self-signed SSL certificates
  • Improve error messages
Maintenance release
  • BUGFIX: Firefly log tab is not shown in ReadyAPI 2.2.0
  • BUGFIX: Error in exporting cases with large IDs
First Official Release
  • Export test cases from ReadyAPI to TestRail
  • Real-time test case results export from ReadyAPI to TestRail
  • Support for mapping TestRail custom fields into ReadyAPI tests
  • Map ReadyAPI projects to TestRail projects, milestones, testplans, testruns, etc
  • Simple installation process using Firefly installer.