• Codeless integration with Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, IBM UrbanCode
  • Browser and Mobile testing using Selenium, Appium, and TestRail
  • Integration with opensource frameworks: JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, etc.
  • No risk 14 days trail with full enterprise support

Continuous Delivery using Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, UrbanCode and TestRail

Pangolin plug-ins for Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, and IBM UrbanCode provide a simple, and powerful way to view CI tests results data directly in TestRail

  • Achieve visibility into CICD metrics by bringing all testing data into a single place
  • Companies with multiple CI systems can funnel various test data streams into TestRail
  • Use TestRail as the single source of software quality metrics
Pangolin Cross Browser

Open Source Test Frameworks

Pangolin allows engineers to integrate various open source test frameworks with TestRail. This flexible integration allows developers and test engineers to bring ALL test results into TestRail for a unified and real-time view into software quality

  • Support for TestNG, JUnit, NUnit, Python, and Cucumber.
  • Real-time test results synchronization with TestRail
  • Automatically create tests, sections, milestones, and test plans, and test runs
pangolin opensource

Cross Browser Testing using SauceLabs or Browserstack

Pangolin SauceLabs and Browserstack integration enables teams to test their applications with any combination of browsers and operating systems and report rich test results with screenshots, test status, failure messages in TestRail.

  • Automatic real-time publishing of SauceLabs / Browserstack screenshots, test metadata, test status, and failure logs to TestRail.
  • Support TestNG, JUnit, and NUnit test frameworks.
  • Pangolin is the only solution in the market that enables cloud based cross browser testing with TestRail
Pangolin Cross Browser

Flexible and Powerful Integration with Selenium Web Driver and TestRail

Pangolin's TestNG, JUnit, and NUnit listeners can detect tests, test results, selenium commands, and automatically create Tests, Plans, Milestones, and Runs in TestRail

  • Develop Selenium tests directly in JAVA or C#
  • Develop Selenium using JUnit, TestNG, or NUnit
  • Map Selenium tests to existing tests in TestRail
  • Map classes as tests and tests methods as design steps
pangolin selenium

Flexible and Powerful Integration with Appium and TestRail

Pangolin's TestNG, JUnit, NUnit listeners can detect tests, test results, Appium commands, and automatically create Test, Plans, Milestones, and Runs

  • Develop Appium tests directly in JAVA or C#
  • Develop Appium using JUnit, TestNG, or NUnit
  • Map Appium tests to manual or existing tests in TestRail
  • View live testing results dashboards in TestRail
  • Map classes as tests and tests methods as design steps
Pangolin Appium

Map automation Test Cases to Existing TestRail Test Cases

Pangolin enables engineers to choose their own testing tools and frameworks and easily mark and map automation tests with tests in TestRail.

  • Leverage Pangolin's JAVA annotations and JUnit and TestNG extensions for marking and mapping JAVA tests.
  • Utilize Pangolin's .NET attributes and NUnit extensions for marking and mapping C#, or VB.NET tests.
  • Tests can be mapped to simple or complex Sections, Sub-Sections, Suites, Plans, Milestone, etc. in TestRail
  • Configuration wizard for mapping custom fields in TestRail
Pangolin Ranorex

Cross Platform and version compatibilities

Pangolin has been designed to work on a variety of OS platform, all version of Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity, and all versions of TestRail

  • Easily download, setup, and configure plugins for Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, or IBM UrbanCode
  • Schedule functional automation tests via CI systems and automatically report them back to TestRail
  • Achieve visibility into CICD process via TestRail
Pangolin Appium

TestRail REST API Support

Tired of trying to integrate some engineering workflow with TestRail? Let our team write TestRail API integraiton code so you can focus on your day job :)

  • File a supprot ticket or schedule a phone meeting with Agiletestware Support and describe your TestRail API integration requirement.
  • Agiletestware engineers will develop the TestRail API integration code in JAVA, .NET, or Python.
  • We can commit the code for review in your GIT repo or we can provide a private GIT repo.
  • Get the most out of your TestRail investment by integrating engineering tools and frameworks.
Pangolin Testrail
Over 200 Satisfied Customers and Growing

Over 200 Satisfied Customers

Agiletestware engineering productivity tools are used by over 200 organizations around the world. Evaluate any of our products risk-free and with full Enterprise Support.

  • Over 200+ customers including fortune 100 companies
  • Industry's only integration platform for TestRail
  • Industry's only solution for integrating CI with TestRail

Kickass Basic and Enterprise Support plans

We stand by our product quality and features. Find out why our support team is one of the best in class

  • All our products include free email support for the duration of the license.
  • For customers with critical needs, we also offer Enterprise Support package
  • Free Enterprise Support during evaluation period without any sales pressure
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Try for free with no credit card and no annoying sales meetings or contracts.
Kickass Basic and Enterprise Support plans

How many licenses do I need?

For organizations with 5 or less users/machines and processing less than 500 tests/day, you can purchase the Pangolin Basic License. The Basic license is great for small organizations. For large organization with large number of users and test processing needs, we recommend Pangolin Enterprise License. Pangolin Enterprise has no restrictions on the number of users or test processing. Please contact us to get a quote about your organization.

I need a quote. How can I get one?

Simply go to the contact page and fill out the form. Our sales team will send you a quote right away.

How can I place an order?

The invoice can be paid in a variety of ways.
1. Credit Card online
2. Wire transfer
3. Check by mail

What versions of TestRail is Pangolin compatible with?

Pangolin supports TestRail Cloud as well as the last 2 years of TestRail releases. New versions of TestRail are certified as soon as they are released.

What versions of Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, and IBM UrbanCode is Pangolin compatible with?

Pangolin is compatible with the following versions
Jenkins: Jenkins 1.x LTS, Jenkins 2.x LTS
Bamboo: Bamboo 5.10.x and higher
TeamCity TeamCity 9.x and higher
IBM Urban Code: 6.x and higher

I registered online and I still haven't received my license. Where is my evaluation license?

It takes about 24 hours for our team to send an evaluation license and a welcome email. Please make sure you have registered using your corporate email address.

Register for a risk free 14 days free trial. Access to Enterprise Support during the evaluation period.

Step 1: Download Pangolin Server ver: 3.4

Step 2A: Install Jenkins plugin

Step 2B: Install Bamboo add-on from atlassian market place

Step 2C: Install TeamCity plugin

Step 2D: Install IBM UrbanCode plugin

Jenkins User Guide

Bamboo User Guide

TeamCity User Guide

IBM Urban Code User Guide